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UKCNETPA recruitment of performers on behalf of Hunan TV

Time:2014-11-30 01:13:33

UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association received an invitation from Hunan TV to participate in an event that films a series of short movies in three different countries to be played during Chinese New Year, this will enhance cooperation between both nations in areas such as trade, economy, finance, culture and tourism. Filming is scheduled to take place between 17th -22nd of December, location will be based across various areas in London.
Performers need to be good at singing or dancing, UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association require 20 volunteers for dancing purposes, 200 singer or actor volunteers, 15 musician volunteers and 30 additional volunteers to work in varies roles and positons such as preparation work.
Recruitment agency: UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association
Recruitment position (volunteers): Singer, Dancer, Actor, Band Members and organisers
Number of vacancy: 200
Sex: No limitations
Specific requirements: Based around London, volunteers with basic knowledge in singing and dancing will be given priority
Nature of the work: volunteering
Job description: volunteers will be given basic training before they are filmed, on the day of filming volunteers must perform the director’s requests.
Deadline for application: 15th of December 2014
Method of applying:volunteer@ukcnetpa.org
Secretariat: Alice 07446 177626 or Clare 07443172013