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“Architectural Heritage Preservation International” will be held in Shangha

Time:2015-07-26 18:02:32

 “Architectural Heritage Preservation International” will be held in Shanghai during 28th to 30th August 2015. The theme of this exposition is “Conservation and Reuse of Historic Masonry Buildings”. The exposition is hosted by ICOMOS CHINA, China Association for Preservation Technology of Cultural Relics, and Chinese Historical and Cultural Cities Council.
The goal of this exposition is to set up the most professional expositions with international perspectives for the heritage preservation industry in China, to guide the development of heritage preservation, so as to improve the overall level of conservation and reuse of masonry buildings in China. This exposition will include academic zone and exhibition zone. Academic zone is for discussing theories and advanced technologies applied in conservation and reuse of historic masonry buildings, and exhibition zone for exhibiting the relevant technical achievements in various stages of building conservation.
We are honored to be co-sponsors in this event and very pleased to invite you to this grand trade fair.
Please have a look at the attached document for the detailed information.
Please feel free to contact our president, Steven Chen, should there be any problems.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Steven Chen
Email: zhiming_c@hotmail.com
Or Lucy Yu
Email: lucy_ukcnetpa@outlook.com
Sincerely yours
Secretary-general:  Lucy Yu