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China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shenzhen Committee

Time:2014-11-25 07:34:22

On the 11th of November the President of UKCNETPA met with Chairman of CCPIT Shenzhen Yongxin Tao, with both sides agreeing on more in-depth cooperation and further development in economic and trade exchanges.
President ZhimingChen expressed willingness to establish regular meetings with CCPIT Shenzhen and give impetus to establishing Shenzhen as a major trading partner with cities in UK. 2015 is the start of China-UK Connections through Culture programme, we hope CCPIT will collaborate with UKCNETPA and host various exhibitions of economic and trade elements, thus helping the development of both associations and businesses.Taoyong Xin Director CCPIT welcomed President Zhiming Chen and his party, he stressed that China and Britain both have illustrious histories and citizens from both nation also have a long history of trading, thus partnerships between businesses from both nations should be stoppable. With contribution from both parties we can able to create opportunities for Shenzhen corporations to enter global market along with increasing investment in Shenzhen, this will deepen trade relations with China and Britain thus increasing business opportunities for Shenzhen, as well as making a greater contributing to society.
UKCNETPA is made up of members who are entrepreneurs in areas of logistics, medical care, Finance, Law, Property development, tourism, IT Experts, Education and Media, achieving a system of complementing each nation’s short falls, thus improving economic, culture and education development between both nations.