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On the 18th September 2014 on the third floor in the Golden Phoenix restaurant UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association was established.  There were over 60 people in attendance, these people include Chinese Embassy Counsellor’s Li Hui, UK-China association’s director Shi GaoPei, Lord Stephen Rhys,Queen’s representative on behalf of Greater London, Hongqiao District adjutant Mr. Chen Deliang, British celebrities,Prince of Dubai’s girlfriend Miss Nivin EL-Gamal, Banker Mr John O’Donnell, Property Consultant Mr Adam Carrol, Bank of China’s China Town branch general manager Wang Minggui, SBP Law LTD Mr Micheal Segen, YG travel agency executive Director Mrs Alex, Smith and Williamson LTD Mr Stephen Drew, The City Room’s executive Director Mr Jason Zhou, Tianfubuyi catering group executive director Mr Fu Wenhong and other entrepreneurs and bankers. The event was hosted by former Phoenix TV European segment’s presenter Liu Xujia.

In the inaugurate meeting, Chinese embassy’s Counsellor Li Zhu was the first to congratulate the establishment of the UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association, and affirmed the efforts made by President Chen Zhiming to increase bilateral trade between China and Britain, placing trust in young members and directors in the UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association, believing young directors will bring new ideas and vitality into bilateral exchanges between Britain and China. The embassy counsellor also hopes that the association can remain united, work diligently, remain astute, and seek common development between both nations. UK’s wealthiest Chinese resident Mrs Xiuli Dai said to President of the association Chen Zhiming during the meeting: “we must work together to create a solid work, and contribute to promoting the development of Sino-British economic and trade.” The association also received congratulatory messages from Beijing Entrepreneurs Association, Shenzhen Young Entrepreneurs Association, Chinese cultures of minority’s British Association, Hunan Provincial Federation of Young Entrepreneurs Association and last but not least Hunan TV. UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association’s Beijing and Shanghai office was also established that night. During meeting, the President Chen Zhiming gave an ebullient inaugural speech.
The association invited the President of the Federation of Chinese in Britain Associations, Chairman of Zhiye Group Mr Ye Jianqiao, Worldwide Federation of Overseas Chinese in Vietnam,Chairman of Daming Food Ltd and Risheng 88 international tradings company Mr Yang Wenming, President of tourism and culture exchange society, winner of 2014’s Chinese Dream literature competition Mrs Li Li, Renowned lawyers, Patriotic General Zhang Zhizhong’s granddaughter Mrs ZhuXiaojiu,Elaine Investment LTD Executive Director Elaine Zhang and five honorary Chairmans, and presented them with honorary president certificates. In addition the president of the UK China Economic & Trade Promotion was elected, along with 8 vice presidents, 9 directors, 1 secretary general and 2 deputy secretaries.
Chen Zhiming specified that UK China Economic & Trade Promotion aim was to build bridges between UK and China to develop bilateral trades, and allowing Britain and China to complement each other’s weaknesses, thereby stimulating economic growth, exchange of culture and education between the two countries, this means mutually benefit both nations will lead to further successes. The strengthening cooperation between businesses based in both nations through sharing resources and providing information to corporation and exchanging experience established by high level talks held between councils will help UK China Economic & Trade Promotion with achieving the aim they uphold. The association also hopes that all members will work together to create a dependable business with a future for development,with a stable foundation onto which we can create an information central for businesses to exchange information, and contribute to the development of economic and cultural exchange.
Finally, the evening was finished off with a soprano from the famous Mrs Wu He, she performed a classic Italian piece which was received with enthusiastic applause and took the whole assembly into a climax. People from both nations were exchanging ideas and sharing interests, Banker Mr John O’Donnell expressed strong interests in an online recycling project. The evening was ended in a grand, warm, cheerful atmosphere.