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Introducing UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association

During Premier Li Keqiang’s official visit in June 2014 he met with British Prime Minster for their annual meeting,during which premier Li Keqiang authorized over 30 different cooperation projects with Britain. Projects included Trade, Investment, Oil and Gas, Scientific Research and Education, there were also breakthroughs in areas such as Nuclear Energy, High-speed Railway and Finances. This did not only reflect improving levels of cooperation between both nations but also highlighted how both nations are using each nation’s advancement in different areas to complement their own short failings,this led to a more in-depth understanding of each nation and which to better investment relations between both nations, thus improving the quality of cooperation between both countries. It was under this era, with the support of Chinese Embassy and the guidance of British Overseas Chinese Federation that UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association was established in London on September 2014. UK China Economic & Trade Promotion associations a comprehensive enterprise social organisation based in Britain that caters for Chinese enterprises trading in Britain or enterprises based in Britain that are interested in trading with China. The UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association adheres to its core principles such as “good faith, promoting development and social conduct,” and to build bridges between both nations to promote bilateral trade and the development of Economy, Culture and Education, thus ensuring both nations can complement each nation’s short failings and lead to a successful future.
The UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Associations main commitment is to strengthen economic cooperation and exchanges between China and Britain, through sharing of resources and exchanging experience, this will provide opportunities for businesses.
The association will also help strengthen businesses and corporations based in Britain but are planning on expanding into Chinese market with cooperating with Chinese Government, along with providing International standard levels of service we will also help British based corporations with developing market share in China, we will also provide assistance with any issues experienced with exploring the Chinese market.
With the rise of China, the association is creating a platform for Chinese businesses and corporations to gain a better understanding of foreign cultures, laws as well as educating Chinese businesses in the foreign operations thus allowing Chinese businesses to truly take root in foreign markets.
UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association consists of entrepreneurs, lawyers and specialists in all areas of business. The governing council holds the highest authority in the association. The governing council consists of the president, 8 vice presidents, 9 general director, 1 Secretary-General and 2 deputy Secretary-Generals. The governing council organizes regular meetings to discuss trade and economic cooperation strategies as well as discussing additional inclusions needed in the association.
The plan for the next few years for UK China Economic & Trade Promotion Association are to gradually explore every province in China and establish a connection with local business federations, the association also plans on setting up an office in every major city in China. As well as allowing British companies that are developing excellently to become members. The association will strive to integrate resources, build platforms onto which Britain and China will be able to exchange finance and technology on a more personnel, in-depth level, and contribution to the development of economic and trade exchanges for both nations.