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Cultural exchanges and cooperation are an important and indispensable part of Sino-British relations, both nations have a glorious history, and boasts wonderful cultures and traditions. Through long-term exchanges between the two nations, not only did the two wonderful cultures learn from each other, there has also being a development of friendship and understanding, this resulted in better communication and understanding between China and the West.
Projects that utilise both British and Chinese cultures have risen to almost one hundred this year, of which over 60% of the projects are accounted for by Chinese companies investing in Britain. In addition to traditional performances and exhibition, Chinese cultural projects in the UK has expanded into high-end products and fashion, Chinese fashion designers made a debut in London’s fashion week this year, Chinese cinematography has also had exhibitions in the UK’s film festival and Chinese books are beginning to enter the UK’s book market, Chinese artists such as Lang Lang, Yundi Li and other performed in a series of noteworthy concerts in the UK. Western culture has also entered into China, for example the musical Mamma Mia was translated and performed in China and received enthusiastic responses.
Today China is not only a country with an emerging economy, but also a country that is striving to become a cultural power house. The Communist Parties seventh session of the sixth plenary session promoted reform to the way Chinese culture is being deployed around the world, Chinese culture therefore entered into a golden age of opportunities for expansion. British culture is in its ascendancy, therefore the prospects of cooperation between the two cultures is substantial. Among them,is the development of the ever changing educational system in China, most people in China are willing to let their children receive British styled education and let their kids experience the new teaching style.
Sino-British trade exchange eventually will lead to Britain’s culture association and Britain’s education association combing to create a new project “development of language and culture” which promotes and lays ground work for kids in both nations to learn and appreciate each other’s culture. The main characteristic of this project is the ability to provide an all English environment in which kids can study in, thus enriching kids understanding of foreign culture, while providing professional supports for kids; our lesson plan includes providing kids with 2-3 hours of English lessons every day which can raise a child’s understanding of English but also actively teach and encourage kids to learn how to work in a group and the ability to look after themselves, this will give kids a deep impression of the English education system and thus helping them in the future in both academics and life.
LECE offers a diverse range of classes, in which we nurture kid’s intuitions and develop children’s ability to study on their own, we achieve this by offering reading and listening materials that interests that particular child. We also use incentives to encourage child’s enthusiasm in completing activities thus helping kids to learn on their own. Aside from classes that children attend there will be extracurricular activities organised for the kids, which includes activities such as visiting beauty spot located around Britain and visiting museums thus encouraging kids to develop in a historically rich surrounding.
Aside from providing a good environment our lecturers are also key to our success, LECE provides a professional and friendly atmosphere in which kids can study in, and this can help kids learn more efficiently, therefore providing the best possible education for your child. Our campuses are located in the vicinity of London, such as St. Peter's dormitory and St. Giles student accommodation;London’s campus offers a wide range of student accommodations, high-end restaurants and 24-hour security. Our campus design is also state of art, we have a lot of resting areas on campus, and outdoor activities areas, and we also give our students complete freedom to roam around the campus.
Meanwhile, LCEC is also committed to arts and cultural exchange projects, since 2010 we have successfully received multiple summer camps, while also performing in a number of important events, for example Beijing's Zhongguancun School performed“Pinocchio“in London.