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UK China Economic and Trade Promotion Association was first established enhance the cooperation between two nations, the association is always striving to improve the quality of its contents as well as offering additional services. UK China Economic and Trade Promotion Association is able to provide the following services:
Organise regular business meetings, Organising members from both countries to attend crucial business meetings, Discussions, Lectures, Organising expedition trips to both counties, Forum, Providing assistance to members for the development of their businesses, helping businesses with establishing and developing a working relationship with the government.
Encouraging and assisting with bilateral investment, enhancing cooperation and exchanges between China and the UK in Economics, Finances, Trade, Culture and tourism.
Providing translations for documents, Help with Visa, Travel Arrangements, Booking tickets for flights and hotel reservations, Arranging exhibitions and other services.
Providing professional services in imports and exports, Trade, Economics, Finances, Education and Culture
Assisting businesses with promoting products in both China and UK, as well as assisting with merging, listing and financing.
For services that are not mentioned in the list above you can contact the association, we will perform to the best of our abilities in the specialist service you require. UK China Economic and Trade Promotion Association will only provide the services mentioned above to members.
Membership Guidelines 
Candidates must apply for membership on the association’s official website, the association will contact the applicant within five working days and may require the applicant to submit the relevant information, and the association reserves the right to reject or accept any applicant’s application. A fee applies to every membership and the fee is expected to be paid on a yearly basis, the fees received will be used for day to day running expenses required by the association.
The services provided will only be available to members, members must use their real name when applying for membership, and applications will be subjected to review by the association. Members will have priority in choosing activities organised by the association, members will also have their demands met first. 
Behaviours that contradict the spirit of the association, the association has the right to strip any member of their membership. Association members must comply with local laws, and must follow applicable international laws and industry standards.
The association will only act as a facilitator between any economical transactions that takes place between two parties, and have no responsibility for any risks occurred during transactions, members need to have the confidence in their judgement before making a transaction. If any negative behaviour occurred, you have the responsibility to inform the association immediately.